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The Change Style Indicator (CSI) is designed to capture an individual’s preferences in approaching change and in dealing with situations involving change. Results of this instrument place an individual on a continuum ranging from a Conserver orientation to an Originator orientation.


A Pragmatist orientation occupies the middle range of the change style continuum. The closer an individual’s score is to one end of the continuum, the stronger the preference for that “change style”. True pragmatists score in the middle ranges.

Useful for individuals and teams, the CSI can help organizations understand and effectively navigate organizational change initiatives.


The Change Style Indicator (CSI) Does:

  • Offer an explanation of preferred style of initiating and dealing with change

  • Describe three change style preferences that are more personality influenced than situationally influenced

  • Create an appreciation for change-style diversity


The Change Style Indicator (CSI) Does Not:

  • Present a right or wrong, “better” or “worse” change style

  • Measure level of competence at initiating and managing change

  • Limit individuals to predetermined responses to change

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