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Kathleen Dunn & Associates

Strategic Learning & Development Solutions

Kathleen Dunn & Associates provides expert learning and development solutions customized to meet your strategic goals and organization needs. 


From assessments to coaching, leading change to performance management - we will work with you to create the right solution to help you and your organization do what you do . . . better.

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How We Can Help

Kathleen Dunn & Associates will partner with you to design, develop, and deliver dynamic and creative solutions through a variety of platforms and activities customized to help you and your organization improve human performance. 


We work with you to:

  • Identify and eliminate barriers to learning;

  • Develop a comprehensive competency framework aligning an integrated talent management strategy to organizational objectives;

  • Equip managers with critical skills to develop their people;

  • Organize delivery of developmental resources;

  • Facilitate the career development planning process.


Emotional Intelligence
Strategies to Enhance Professional Performance

Emotionally intelligent people communicate effectively, form strong relationships and create powerful coping strategies; emotionally unintelligent people don’t—no matter how high their IQs. Emotional Intelligence can be measured—more reliably and less controversially than IQ—and, unlike IQ, it can be substantially strengthened and developed.  


The Emotionally Effective Leader


Leveraging results from leaders’ EQ-i 2.0® Leadership Reports, participants of this session will learn the importance of emotional intelligence in effective leadership and leave with a better understanding of their strengths and areas to develop to enhance leadership skills, as well as an action plan on how to increase effectiveness.


Train the Trainer

This fast-moving, interactive course delivers a framework for training potential instructors or subject matter experts equipping them with the basic skills needed to train others in their organizations.



Competency Development

Competencies are individual characteristics including knowledge, skills, abilities, self-image, traits, mindsets, and ways of thinking, which, when used with the appropriate roles, achieve desired results.

In other words, competency models define what performance success looks like.


Applications of a competency model include:

  • Recruitment

  • Performance management

  • Training

  • Career development

  • Succession planning

  • Workforce planning


Contact Kathleen Dunn for a consult.


Competency Frameworks

We are experts in the design, development, and delivery of Competency Frameworks.

Competency Models


Performance Review Systems

Researching and Writing


We offer a variety of assessments for individual, team, and organizational performance.   


Here are some we can administer and analyze. It's one thing to take an assessment but interpreting the results in the context of your needs and environment.



Change Style Indicator (CSI)
Change Style Navigator®


EQ-i 2.0


SDI® - Strength Deployment Inventory

Strengthsfinder 2.0

Contact us today to determine the right assessment for you and your team.



At Kathleen Dunn & Associates, we partner with an extensive list of certified, professional coaches for individuals and teams at every career stage.


Our coaches will engage with you in a thought-provoking process to help you improve performance, overcome challenges, and learn to thrive at an optimal level based on your own abilities, skills and knowledge.

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